About Andrew Miles

Sample films

  • The Ice Challenger

    A world record breaking expedition to the South Pole

  • Mutiny on the Mountain

    A failed expedition to climb one of the remotest mountains in the world in China

  • Dog Tired and Alone

    The first British person to successfully complete the most northern dog sled race in the world

  • Climbing Canada

    Disaster strikes, when 3 Canadian climbers attempt to be the first people to climb the awesome North East face of Mount Stephen, in British Columbia

  • The Deadly Glacier

    An American explorer becomes trapped as he attempts to be the first person to traverse the Vatnajokull ice cap in Iceland, Europe's largest glacier

  • Too Tired

    A man and a woman come close to death, as they struggle alone starving and exhausted, across one of the most inhospitable regions on Earth, the Chang Tang, Tibet's Northern Plateau