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  • Adventure Challenge

    Award winning series, 26x1 hour documentaries

    • Crashing in the Himalayas

      Two friends attempt the first crossing of the entire Nepalese Himalayan range by paraglider.

    • Escape by Microlight

      Brian Milton, the first person to pilot a microlight around the world, sets out to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Mutiny on the Mountain

      Six men from Europe Russia and America set off for arguably the most hard-to-reach place on earth, with the intention of scaling one of the world's highest unclimbed mountains, Ulugh Muztagh.

    • Hostages in the Desert

      Three British men have decided to follow in Thesiger's footsteps into Ethiopia's Danakil desert, a place few outsiders have ever visited, and even fewer have returned from.

    • Up against an Avalanche

      Conquering the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan has been a lifelong dream of rock climber Steve Long. With three other Welsh colleagues, Long attempts to climb a new route of the Tower - the dramatic North East Pillar.

    • Trapped in the Land of Fire & Ice

      Ingvar Thorisson leads a multi national team of adventurers including a Tibetan on a 120km unsupported ski traverse across Europe's biggest glacier, the Vatnajokull in Iceland.

    • Dog Tired and Alone

      Jason De Carteret takes on the world's most northerly dogsled race, and succeeds in being the first British person to complete this gruelling event.

    • Caught between a Rock & a Hard Place

      Three friends explore hidden passages that have never before been trodden by man - in fact no-one even knew they were there until now. Their hard work pays off and they find an amazing chamber far more beautiful than any of them dared to hope for.

    • Blinded on the Mountain

      Joe Medina, a bed store owner from New York State carries an urn of debris from the World Trade Center up Mt Aconcagua in Argentina as a memorial to those who died in 911.

    • In Search of Mountains & Molehills

      Rod Baber tries to enter the Guinness Book of Records by reaching the highest point of every one of Europe's 47 Sovereign States.

    • Saved by the Raptors

      A Falconry school in Nepal trains their birds to fly with them whilst paragliding, they use the birds to guide them to find the best thermals and gain unprecedented altitudes.

    • Inside a Ping-Pong Ball

      In a world first, a team of Chileans explore and trek four hundred kilometres through the eastern side of The Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica.

    • Is it a Boat or Is it a Plane?

      Swedish adventurer Johan Nilson embarks on a journey of around 5,500km from his homeland across Europe to Morocco in a state of the art flying inflatable boat.

    • Swimming the Amazon

      South African Mike Horn, makes history by swiming all 6400km of the Amazon river solo and unassisted, using only a hydrospeed to aid him through class 6 rapids.

    • Secrets of the Snow God

      Mark Newcomb leads a team of 6 American climbers including his wife Carina, on a trip they hope will make mountaineering history, in being the first to reach the summit of Sepu Kangri in Tibet.

    • Adrift in the Indian Ocean

      Two Brits attempt to row into the Guinness Book Of Records by becoming the oldest and the youngest to row across the world's third largest stretch of water - the Indian Ocean.

    • One Risk too Many

      Two women; one Israeli and the other British, are joined by a Russian who has never sea kayaked before to attempt one of the most hazardous sea kayak crossings in the world, 300 miles around Kamchatca.

    • The Hardest Way to the Pole

      Pen Hadow attempts the world's first solo walk to the Geographic North Pole, with no support or re-supply of any kind, via the most dangerous route (starting in Canada).

    • Escape from Civilisation

      Gilles Elkaim is attempting to make polar history by traversing the whole of the Continental Artcic using only non motorised methods of transport, via the Eurasian coastline, linking the North Cape to the Bering Strait.

    • The Last Arctic Mystery

      American Lonnie Dupre and Australian John Hoelscher attempt the first circumnavigation of Greenland – all 6,517 torturous miles of it, using only traditional methods -a dog sled in winter and a kayak in summer.

    • Searching for a Miracle

      Two young men are brought together in a dangerous journey from Calcutta to London on antique motorbikes. The two consist of a Briton and an Indian who has not left Calcutta since he was a child.

    • Surfing the Northern Frontier

      Two men from Pakistan attempt to windsurf high altitude lakes in The Karokarams, the Hindukush, and the Himalayas. The lakes range from approx 12,000 to 15,000 feet.

    • Boiling Water and Bullets

      Three men set out to white water raft down the world's largest river. The raft frequently capsizes almost costing one member of the team his life.

    • Breakdown in Siberia

      A young German woman's epic solo bicycle journey from Beijing to London, a total of 8,000 miles through eight countries, and all with no previous cycling experience.

    • Lost in an Ocean of Sand

      Sam McConnell, a safari guide in Namibia, decides to try and walk solo from the Skeleton Coast of the Namib Desert to the nearest source of fresh water at Sesriem canyon, some 100 km away.

    • Baffin Island Base Jumping

      A team of Britons travel to the remote arctic wilderness of Baffin Island, to stare death in the face by freefalling over the frozen precipitous edges of this Island's giant granite cliffs.

  • Total Adventure

    26x1/2 hour documentaries

    • Kayaking Nepal

      Dave Kwant travels to the Annapurna Range in Nepal to kayak the class 4 and 5 rapids of the upper reaches of the Marsyangdi River.

    • Diving the World

      One of the world's top dive adventurers, Monty Hall, together with a small band of skilled divers spends ten weeks circling the world and exploring ten of the world's best dive sites in one expedition.

    • Canyoning Borneo

      Lows Gully plunges some 10,000 feet down the side of Mount Kinabalu in northern Borneo, to the Panataran River. A group of Flemish canyoneers led by Paul Symons are attempting to be the first to descend the Gully using the pull-through technique, taking their ropes with them as they go.

    • Paragliding Ethiopia

      One of the world's top paragliding instructors, Bob Drury, and two friends, travel to Addis Ababa to paraglide the ridge of the Great Rift Valley north to the Simien Mountains and Ethiopia's highest mountain Ras Dashan.

    • Kite skiing Greenland

      John Griber is taking three of the world's leading skiers and snowboarders into the wilderness of Greenland, to explore one of the ultimate destinations for adventure skiers and snowboarders, the Karale Glacier.

    • Horse riding Namibia

      Two young British women, Tanya Waters and Sarah Jane Gaselee, and their Namibian guide, Bettina Frank-Schultz, plan to be the first women to ride across the oldest desert in the world in Africa, through the forbidden zone on the Diamond Coast of Namibia.

    • Climbing El Capitan

      Swiss climber, Thomas Ulrich Together with two companions set's out to climb the Mescalito, one of the toughest routes on the most demanding faces of El Capitan, one of the biggest granite walls of Yosemite Valley, California.

    • Kayaking Zanskar

      The high Zanskar River is still one of the remotest places in India. It runs down from the Himalayas through the Zanskar Gorge, Guy Baker leads a kayaking expedition down the Grand Canyon of Asia.

    • Swimming Norway

      Long distance swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh attempts to be the first person to swim round the most northerly point of mainland Europe, Norway's North Cape, three hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle.

    • Skiing Saint Elias

      Three young women and one man take on the ultimate wilderness challenge, to ski 675 kilometres along the length of the Saint Elias Mountains of Canada and Alaska, the highest coastal range in the world.

    • Caving Uzbekhistan

      Tim Guilford and his fellow cavers visit Uzbekistan in Central Asia, which is on the verge of a guerrilla war. Undeterred by the risk, they descend hundreds of metres underground into a world that no one has ever seen before.

    • Powerboating The World

      After years of preparation Alan Priddy and his crew embark on one of the greatest adventures any mariner can undertake, to circumnavigate the world, in a 10 metre long rigid inflatable boat.

    • Paragliding Nepal

      A group of paragliders set out to fly over the mountains of the Everest region, in the high Khumbu district of Nepal.

    • Canoeing Bolivia

      Adventurer Peter Hutchison set's out to be the first person to navigate the entire length of the Parapeti River in southern Bolivia, in a canoe.

    • Skateboarding USA

      Jack Smith and Josh Maready attempt to skateboard 3,000 miles in the USA, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast.

    • Climbing Canada

      This is a story about what happens when things go wrong. Disaster suddenly strikes, when three Canadian climbers are attempting the awesome North East Face of Mount Stephen in British Columbia.

    • Kayaking Peru

      Together with a group of friends, Marc Goddard set's out to kayak the Cotahuasi river high in the Andes, and to try to find out if it's possible to run the river at all.

    • Motorcycling Asia

      Dalbir Singh Jhol spends several months crossing Asia and Europe from Singapore to Britain on his Honda Dominator motorbike. Covering over 20,000 kilometres, and travelling through twenty countries, he narrowly misses disaster as an earthquake strikes the ancient city of Bam.

    • Climbing Annapurna

      Only a hundred climbers have reached the summit of Annapurna, and over 50 have died trying. For one of the world's greatest mountaineers, Jean-Christophe Lafaiile, climbing Annapurna has become a personal obsession.

    • Canoeing Alaska

      In the remote bays and inlets of Alaska's Pacific coast, award winning photographer Duncan Murrell paddles out alone in a leaking kayak across miles of cold windswept sea, to photograph the annual migration of the humpback whales.

    • Caving Socotra

      A joint expedition, led by geologist Peter De Geest with caver Rik Martens, has finally persuaded the Yemeni authorities on the small Indian Ocean Island of Socotra to allow them to explore the island's interior cave systems.

    • Climbing Greenland

      One of Britain's top mountaineering instructors Sue Savege travels to the bleak interior of Greenland, to scale unclimbed routes on the peaks of this snow capped wilderness.

    • Canoeing Sydney

      Sea kayakers Trys Morris and Bob Timms take on the adventure of a lifetime, crossing the English Channel. Their destination lay on the other side of the world, Sydney, Australia. This would prove to be one of the longest and most ambitious sea kayak journeys ever undertaken.

    • Microlight Australia

      In 2002 Jim Pearce, John Cresswell and Keith Vaughan set out to fly around Australia with two microlights. Their epic journey would expose the pilots to intense heat, cutting winds, driving rain and freezing cold nights.

    • Basejump Africa

      Already one of the most experienced basejumpers in Australia, Greg Wilcock is approaching his 1000th jump. In preparation he sets out on a basejumping adventure through Africa and Europe. Eventually he is joined by 23 other jumpers to set a new world record for the largest ever simultaneous basejump.

    • Unicycling Mexico

      Climbing Mexico's highest volcano is only for the committed, mountain biking down it only for the courageous, but Kris Holm does both, on a unicycle.

  • Into the Unknown

    20x1/2 hour documentaries

    • The Deadly Glacier

      An American explorer becomes trapped as he attempts to be the first person to traverse the Vatnajokull ice cap in Iceland, Europe's largest glacier

    • Leap of Faith

      In one momentous year Felix Baumgartner sets out to jump 451 metres from the highest building in the world, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then to make the lowest BASE jump ever, just 29 metres from the hand of the Christ statue above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    • Beyond Fear

      Disaster strikes for two record breaking pilots, Britons Colin Bodill and Jennifer Murray. Whilst attempting an epic helicopter journey trying to be the first to circumnavigate the world via both poles, an emergency landing goes badly wrong, and their helicopter crashes in Antarctica. Badly injured they wait in the mangled wreck to be rescued, in freezing temperatures close to -40C.

    • Death in the Desert

      Denis and Tanja Katzer travel 7000 kilometres over three years, as they attempt to cross Australia, from south to north and west to east, with a camel train and their dog Rufus for company.

    • The Final Mission

      Kayaker Gerry Moffatt wants to become the first man to kayak all the river systems of the Nepalese Himalayas. Standing in his way are the awesome rapids of the Arun Gorge, one of the toughest river descents in the whole of Nepal.

    • Tragedy Beneath the Ice

      Three Russians set out for one of the most dangerous feats of polar exploration ever attempted. Their goal is not merely to stand at the North Pole, but to be the first to scuba dive beneath the ice. Through their dive hole they descend into a remarkable but extremely dangerous underwater world, with temperatures between -1C and -1.8C.

    • The Great Chinese Puzzle

      Argentinian photojournalist Diego Azubel takes out more than a year of his life to try to walk all 4000 kilometres of The Great Wall of China. But just finding the ruins of the wall, worn away by thousands of years of erosion, buried by the sands of the desert or the snows of the mountains, will be harder than he ever imagined.

    • Arctic Nightmare

      British explorer Dom Mee is attacked by a 350 kilogram bull musk ox. Alone in the Arctic, with four cracked ribs and in freezing temperatures, he continues his search for the remains of one of the greatest of all nineteenth century arctic explorers, Sir John Ross.

    • Motorbike Americas

      This is the story of husband and wife team Kevin and Julia Sanders, taking on one of the toughest motorbike challenges on earth, the Trans Americas, more than 27,000 kilometres from Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

    • Legend of the Fjord

      Lewis Gordon Pugh takes on a challenge that almost everyone he meets says is impossible. He hopes to swim over 200 kilometres over the entire length of Norway's Sognefjord. If he succeeds it will be the world's longest ever cold water swim, which he will attempt wearing only a pair of trunks, goggles and a swimming cap.

    • Devil's Cave

      Four modern-day explorers, Norwegians Rune Gjeldnes, Torry Larsen and Bjørn Loe and Venezuelan born Andreas Hauer, are attempting to be the first to find a way up a mountain and into the so-called "Devil's Cave, hidden deep within the Venezuelan rainforest, high on a mountain top.

    • Too Tired

      A man and a woman come close to death, as they struggle alone starving and exhausted, across one of the most inhospitable regions on Earth, the Chang Tang, Tibet's Northern Plateau

    • Buried in a Blizzard

      Three experienced explorers, Graham Charles, Mark Jones and Marcus Waters, plan to take on the elements in Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. A unique, unsupported expedition, first they will kayak 500 kilometres through the Beagle Channel and round the Brecknock Peninsula. Then they will climb a treacherous crevasse-riven glacier to reach the Darwin range of mountains.

    • Facing the Frozen Ocean

      Bear Grylls attempts to cross the North Atlantic, from Canada to Scotland, in an open rigid inflatable boat or RIB. It means travelling nearly 5000 kilometres through some of the most dangerous seas on the planet.

    • Into the Forgotten Valley

      Towering over the remote Tibetan Plateau stands Ulugh Muztagh, one of the most inaccessible mountains on earth. Now a group of Finnish mountaineers, inspired by a National Geographic film of a previous attempt to summit Ulugh Muztagh, are on their way to the mountain. But first they must cross several hundred kilometres of the Tibetan Plateau.

    • Desert Kayaking

      The Atacama Desert of Chile and above it the Altiplano, are renowned as among the driest regions on earth. Jon Bowermaster and a small group of kayakers have come to the Atacama, pulling their kayaks behind them, they desperately search for water to kayak on.

    • Thermals & Louise

      A British couple try to beat the world paragliding distance record in Texas. Being incredibly flat Texas is not a place usually thought of as good for paragliding. But by using an often dangerous method of getting airborne, being towed by a vehicle, they soon make use of the rising thermals from the hot plains below.

    • Inside the Inca Caves

      A group of British explores travel to Peru to explore the deepest caves on earth; supposedly where the Incas hid their treasure.

    • Alone in the Atlantic

      Six-time world record holder, Spaniard Alvaro de Marichalar is attempting to be the first person to cross the Atlantic on a waterscooter. He ends up fighting for his life as two sharks circle below him, as he struggles to prevent his boat from sinking.

    • Rapids, Reptiles & Rifles

      A group of explorers from Eastern Europe attempt to navigate one of Africa's most remote and dangerous rivers. After escaping AK47 - wielding tribesmen, one of the party is bitten by a poisonous snake.

  • Individual films

    • The Ice Challenger

      Five adventurers journey across Antarctica, one of the most inhospitable places on earth, in a specially constructed vehicle.

      They succeed in smashing the world record for the fastest land based expedition to reach the South Pole, in only sixty nine hours and thirty minutes.

      For future broadcast.

    • Kite Surfing the Great Unknown

      An expedition into the unknown for one of the worlds top kite-surfers. Steve Kellner attempts to be the first person to kite-surf 500km of one of the remotest pieces of coastline in the world, along the oldest desert in the world in Namibia.

      For future broadcast.

    • The 100 Mile Wilderness Trail

      Two friends attempt to follow in Bill Bryson's footsteps as they walk the hardest 100 mile section, of the 2160 mile Appalachian Trail, the longest continous footpath in the world.

      Broadcast on Adventure 1, as part of the "Game For It" series, produced by Endemol.

    • Snowboarding Muztagata

      A young German snow-boarder travels to China to try to break the world record for the longest continous snow-board descent down Muztagata, the highest peak in the Kunlun Shan range of mountains, standing at 24,757ft.


    • Sue Marshall’s Arctic Adventure

      A wheel chair bound adventurer joins a team of dog sledders and takes an active role in a 3 day expedition in Northern Sweden.

      Broadcast on Spanish terestial television.

    • The Sealed Knot Society

      This secret society allows the cameras behind the scenes for the first time, as they prepare for one of their incredibly life-like, and accurate battle re-inactments.

      Broadcast on the Local Channel.

    • The Gridshell

      A unique and award winning building is constructed in a totally innovative way, taking its techniques from ancient building methods.

      Broacast on BBC1, as part of the "Tommorows World" series.

    • Cryogenics

      A documentary examining the rise in popularity of this unusual way of preserving a body after death.

      Broadcast on Channel 5.

    • Connected

      Weekly features programme broadcast on the Local Channel.

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