Learn how to film your trek or expedition like the professionals. It could even up being broadcast!

About the Explorers Film School

Andrew Miles, a specialist adventure filmmaker, runs the school, and has produced amongst others, over 70 expedition documentary films for the National Geographic Channels

Filming in some of the world's most inhospitable environments; from the largest ice cap in the world, Antarctica, to the sand dunes of the oldest desert in the world, in Namibia. Andrew has filmed hanging out of helicopters over giant glaciers, underwater inside the Arctic Circle, whilst cycling across a whole country, and whilst climbing some of the highest mountains in the world in the Himalayas. Working with some of the worlds top explorers and many first time adventurers alike, Andrew has helped numerous people succeed in producing their own professional quality footage, from expeditions that have subsequently been used in documentaries for worldwide broadcast.

Who is this school for?

The course is aimed at people of any age and experience.
For those people with little or no knowledge of video production, who would just like to know how best to record their future adventures. Or for those hardcore explorers, who want to improve their existing camera skills, learn all the tricks of the trade, and possibly produce their expedition footage for broadcast.

Although this course teaches people the specialist techniques necessary to produce footage good enough for television documentaries, the skills you will learn will benefit anyone, whether producing footage for film festivals, for lectures and educational purposes, for DVD sales, or purely just as a personal record.

The Explorers Film School is based in Brighton, East Sussex.

See some clips of films made by explorers trained by Andrew Miles